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Naturopathy is a system of healing that uses natural elements and remedies to help the body heal itself. This approach focuses on the body’s inherent healing power, which is believed to restore normal health with the help of Pancha mahabhootas – Akash, vayu, Agni, water, and earth. If you are looking for a natural way to heal and maintain your health, then naturopathy is the right choice for you.

At HiiMS Premier, we believe in the power of natural healing. Our Naturopathy & healing Centre offers the best wellness and Naturopathy solutions in their purest and most feasible form. Our holistic approach to wellness is perfect for those looking for specialized therapies.

Naturopathy is a type of medicine that focuses on holistic care and healing. This means that they look at all aspects of a person’s life when determining the best way to treat them – including their diet, sleeping habits, daily routine, and more. Rather than relying on specific treatments for specific symptoms, naturopaths believe in strengthening the immune system and letting the body heal itself. They use naturally occurring methods and treatments whenever possible, with a focus on prevention.
Naturopathy is a call to return to nature and simplicity, living in harmony with ourselves, our society, and our environment.

HWI (Hot Water Immersion)

When a patient is made to sit in the bath tub with water level upto the neck, the air pressure above the neck is 1 atmosphere. Below the neck the atmospheric pressure is 1 Atmosphere.

Therefore, when a patient sits a neck deep water, his body undergoes two different pressures. As a result of this, HWI causes sodium excretion by five times, potassium excretion doubles, urine volume increases three times and weight or swelling is reduced.


Head Down Tilt Therapy (HDT) is a treatment used to improve blood circulation and help relieve symptoms of various conditions, including orthostatic hypotension, chronic fatigue syndrome, and postural tachycardia syndrome.

When a patient is made to lie down at 10 degrees angle of the head, it leads to a decrease in the Plasma Aldosterone and Renin hormones in the body. This results in a decrease in Plasma volume and subsequently, an increase sodium excretion from the body.

HDT can be performed using a special tilt table or simply by propping up the head of the bed with pillows.

DIP Diet

DIP (Disciplined & Intelligent Person’s) Diet Plan is being developed by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury and through clinical trials and various cse studies, it has been proven to be effective in reversing lifestyle diseases.By this diet plan, anyone can fix disorders in the body. This is a complete Vegetarian diet.

In the DIP Diet, a person must avoid packaged foods, refined foods, dairy/animal foods, nutritional suppliments, avoid drinking tea/coffee specially before lunch, NSAIDS

Snacking/ binge can be eaten like socked nuts, plenty of fruits, coconut water, sprouts and sunshine for 45 minutes.


HiiMS Premier offers the best Panchakarma Therapy that can be used to heal a wide variety of ailments and imbalances, including stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, digestive problems and more.Panchakarma Therapy is certified, safe and natural way to cleanse the body and mind, and promote overall health and wellbeing.

  • An ancient ayurvedic healing therapy that detoxifies and rejuvenates the body.
  • Panchakarma therapy is beneficial for both the mind and body.


Yoga therapy is an ancient system of healing that uses the power of yoga to help people achieve physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. HiiMS Premier Yoga therapists are trained to use a variety of techniques, including yoga postures, breath work, meditation and relaxation, to help people manage conditions such as stress, anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and more.

Yoga therapy is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness, and can be adapted to meet the needs of each individual. Whether you are looking to improve your overall health or manage a specific condition, yoga therapy can help you achieve your goals.


Meditation has been shown to be an effective form of therapy for a variety of mental and physical health conditions. Meditation therapy can help to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Boost immunity
  • Enhance concentration and productivity
  • Alleviate symptoms of depression

Meditation therapy can be done in a group setting or individually. HiiMS Premier Therapists are trained in Meditation therapy can help guide you through the process and offer support along the way.

Zero Volt Therapy

Zero volt therapy is a technique that involves wearing a specialzed device that generates a low frequency electric field of EMR emitted by electronic device around .This device is designed to create an environment that mimcs the natural EMF of the earth,Which believed to have a balancing effect on the body’s electrical system

Benefits of ZVT

  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Decrease Pain
  • Drecrease Stress Response
  • Increase Heart Rate Variability
  • Improves Sleep
  • Improve Healing
  • Improve Cortisol Rhythm
  • Reduce Blood Viscosity

Living Water Therapy

Earth is made of 70% water and so in our body
So ” what is outside is inside ”
Body need electron to get charged ,you can either get it from zvt or by staying close to the nature . It has living electrons.
So we got stones from the river. River has molecular formula h302 , but today’s RO water is h2o
When water flows like a river then it made h302 ,and form hexagonal and not a triangle like H20
Minerals like Mg, /co/iron gets in our body


  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Aid digestion
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Balance acid base balance
  • Provide minerals to body